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Recycle your car today

Not Sure if you are Ready to Recycle?

From the auto recycling process, to DMV paperwork, to releasing liability of your vehicle, we can answer it all.

Ready to Recycle you Car?
Cash for junk cars

What you will need to sell your vehicle to GGAR:

What you will need for your pick up appointment:

The vehicle title (or other DMV transfer paperwork pre-qualified by GGAR), the vehicle keys, and your identification.

How to prepare your vehicle:

Make sure your vehicle is accessible for a flatbed tow truck. We are not able to tow from yards, side of house, garage, etc. This only applies if your vehicle does not start or drive.

Vehicle to be clear of large debris:

No hazardous waste will be accepted. Deductions will be made for missing parts, trash or extra tires left in the vehicle.

Vehicle License Plates:

In California you only need to remove the vehicle license plates if they are vanity plates (customized) or disabled plates. If the vehicle plates are standard issued they can stay with the vehicle.

Acceptable DMV Documents

Here at GGAR, we like to pre-qualify paperwork prior to the pick up appointment.

Below are some examples of acceptable DMV documents:

CA title to sell your car

Certificate of Title

We accept from title holder, or signed over to seller from previous owner. Additionally DMV transfer paperwork may be required.

More information on title transfer, click here

CA Salvage Certificate to sell your car

Salvage Certificate

Must be printed in seller’s name. Not signed over from previous owner.

CA Junk Receipt to junk your car

Junk Receipt

This document can only be issued to seller from a DMV office. The Junk Receipt is often issued when you want to just recycle your car and do not want to wait for a duplicate title or have to SMOG the car to sell it.

More information on "junking a vehicle with DMV", click here

Valid CA registration card to sell your car

California Registration Cards

Seller’s name must be name printed on registration card. We do not accept a registration from previous owner.

Valid CA registration card to sell your car
Recycle your car today

How Auto Recycling Works:

It takes literally millions of old, un-drivable cars out of our communities and off our streets.

It turns these vehicles into reusable materials that lower the cost of steel products and improve our environment. Recycled metal saves huge amounts of energy and preserves natural resources. Steel made with scrap metals uses 90% less virgin material, 70% less energy and 40% less water than steel made from mining iron ore and coal.

Recycle your car today
Recycle your car today

with our local experts

We have a team of experts to discuss the process, DMV paperwork, what happens after you sell us your car, etc.

Receive an instant quote, arrange towing and


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